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  • Rus 17 2017 18:04

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  • Samael 18 2011 10:29

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  • vavan 26 2008 17:27

    hello dearest my name is kaveh. i am 38.i am from iran. i have master of science. i was born in one of coastal cities in north of iran.i want to write my autobiography for you. because i think that i can transfer my sentiment you.i hope you judge about it fairly.although it is very shocking for you and your compatriots but i can not hold myself.i think it can prevent some of bitter events in future. but what happen for us? i am 38.i was born in 1970.from my childhood i have been eyewitness some of organized crimes about us(i mean our families,relatives,...)but in that time i could not distinguish and discover them and i was thought that they was a natural phenomena.with passage of times my cognition increase gradually.but what happen for us? in outset i decide to classify some of shocking crimes about us.all of them have performed by some of satanists: 1-to make blind my father and tourture him for years and killing him finally. 2-to madden one of my brothers and sicken him too.in near future he will sacrifice.he was not crazy at all.he was accepted as medical student in tehran university with excellent score.he was similar others.one of his most important problems was his sexuall standard.i mean if he had sex with female his faint could recover considerably.but a lot of persons were jealous about our family and they divert realities and declared that he need to psychopathy. my parent was very candid and naive.but some of persons in my environment were like as wolf.and they increase his faint skilfully.they concentrated all of their efforts for our family frustration by calamities imposition. they were very filthy,cruel,...in anyway my brothr went to psychiatrist .also he was not mad relative other iranian people,but psychiatrists madden him and they were very fool,ignorant,...in recent years the satanists sicken him too.i think he will sacrifice soonly. 3-to made lost my other brother in war times.his lost still is enigma!he has lost for 25 year. 4-to debase my personality from my childhood by means ignorant persons. 5-to excruciate my mother by different ways through shocking disasters imposition to her.i have hinted some of them above.my mother was very kind,tender,candid,hard working,... she had experienced hard times from her childhood.but satanists impudently continued their filthy schemes about her latter.my brother(2) annoied my mother a lot.in fact the satanists tourtured my mother.because they were main culprit.they have increased my brother nerve faint.my brother was not crazy.he was faint. his faintness was merely because of envirnoment and exogenous factores not other things. i mean because of satanists precence in our environment.any way my mother suffered again a lot.in finally the satanists sicken her too.and she martyred in very pitiful conditions after years.her martyrdom was very shocking for us.damn to satanists! 5-to lengthen my marriage trend on pretext to test us!?my marriage trend have prolonged for seven years.when i was studying in isfehan university(iran central city)i had recieved my okay about my marriage with a girl from kashan(one of desert and central cities in iran)but it has prolonged for seven years and from that times the satanists were claimed it clear after my brother sacrifice(2) and from that times i have been eye witness my parent tortures and martyrdom and my brother sicken,...and some of suspicious deathes my kins too.the satanists have diverted my marriage to soccer and football game and it is similiar to pass of mine field.i guess it continue till 2 years other.i mean after my brother sacrifice. i hope you dont tire from my statements.but why the Satanists have targeted us?it return to far years.iran had other government previously(kingdom dynasty of pahlavi).iran have been a lawless and very polluted and tainted country from that times.one of my uncles was monarchist.he was killed and sacrificed by his political opponents or opponent by a designed scenario in that times(55 years ago).he was very young boy.his main killer fled to overseas(perhaps Canada or france)and he was studied in medical course.later years he returned in iran and employed as medical professor.my other uncle complained him.but his complaint didnt investigate fairly and he retaliated and killed his brother killer. This matter had extensive reflectance in Iranian media.on the other hand iran was ran by mafia bands. This events was first spark in order to form some of calamities about us in later years.but what was other factor?my father was a traditionalist and very naive and candid. He had religious relation with islamist Iranian leader(imam Khomeini) in that times. This factores were main reasons for forming calamities to us later years by Satanists(mafia bands).although the roots of disasters about us return in pahlavi dynasti,but most of them have incarnated in Islamic revolution regime.why?some of Satanists have been claiming the roots of them return to my high school career ,other Satanists have been claiming irony me:come on drink tea(it refer to tea ceremony in hongkong).any way they said my situation is like as iran revolution(against iran king),and my marriage performance is similar to moon rising,Iranian leaders rebirth,iran revolution,they have concluded that I have to experience some of catastrophe in next years too!?some of them threaten me about my family massacre in future too.i notify that you can not discover their schemes easily.because they have satanic power and they perform their filthy plots skillfully. They live anywhere. Some of them have claimed that they are representatives of god.they are very reactionary,filthy,they claim my parent have natural death and no one blinded my father,... They claim that I am visionary,liar!on the other hand they say that they want to test us!what happen in their filthy brains?they have degraded my personality even in recent years on pretext to test me,but as a matter of fact they want to continue their filthy schemes skillfully.they despised my personality ,when I was busied in office(commerce ministry) they have sham quarrel one another too in order to performance their filthy schemes.they made unemployed me skillfully. They have not permited me that I can speak with my selected women and they have not allowed me that to marry . they have jealousies with me.they have claimed my parent and one or two of my families were Koran matyres and sacrifices(Koran is muslims sacred books).spit to them .they are very backward,filthy,they are racist(including of religious and non religious sects).they want every one accept their disgusting ideologies anyway. If one to be liberal and noble,they deprive his right and impose disasters him skillfully.do you observe such persones in your countries?they are monster really.they have incarnated demon and satan on the earth. I want you awaken your conscience. You judge about them.although I abhore to live in iran a lot and I wish to immigrate to overseas as soon as possible,and even I am learning to foreign languages now.in the present situation I have two idea:the performance my marriage with my selected girls or immigrate to overseas.it is not alternative at all considering my critical situation.i like to work in overseas.i like to work as interpreter or similar jobs. I hate my studying course(economy). The Satanists ban us and claim I must to wait for till my brother be sacrificing. they play with me.they divert my situation to football game.they are very impudent and jealous and filthy.you may to ask me ,what kind females I love?i love adolescent(especially 14 years old),nymphet,kind,sensual,belle,vivacious,open minded,tender,busty,buxom,voluptuou s,liberal,singer,musician,athlete,artist,girls.i like that I can to have be a lot of mistress in future.i said I have received my marriage okay seven years ago,but its performance depend to my brother sacrificing!i have been eyewitness my parent, tortures,martyrdom,from last years.i have very crucial situation in present.i interest to immigrate overseas as soon as possible.from my childhood I had lovely personality and I was intended to have be ladylove.but my society culture have been very backward and reactionary.a lot of persons in iran are philistine,artless,rude and their traditional norms dont allow they have be a romantic,human,living.i want you see me..i hope my information can be useful for you. In the name of my mother I end my words temporary.i hope that I have could show facts . I hope you dont tire me!thank you. Yours kaveh yousefzadeh exuse me!i want to notify that from last years there have been a lot of satanists in iran.you can not see my intentions at all.the satanists can madden one healthy person or sicken him(my brother was a sample).they can infect other persons to incurable diseases(my parent were a sample).the satanists enforce other persons accept their filthy and disgusting,reactionary,... ideology.if one does not accept them ,they impose differents disasters him or her in future.some of satanists impudently claim that they are representatives of god and they perform their filthy deeds by god order.in fact their god is demon.i hope you believe me.the diabolists doing their works skilfully.they live anywhere.they have been from last years in religious and irreligious masks.i hope you introduce all of them.my mother tourture and martyrdom trend have been extra shoking for me.they torment my mother from her childhood.they made blind my father and tourtured him for years and sacrificed him finally.some of people say me irony that my parent and one or two of my family were fallen in jug!(giant jug).this is iran!what do you think about it.do you think such persons are human or monster?then they pretend that all of disaster about us and others were natural.i mean natural phenomena and they say every complaint about their shoking crimes is similar to fighting with god!i want to say your opinions about iran need to amendment. they have been saying my marriage trend is time intensive and it merely clarify after my brother sacrificing(2) and on the other hand they divert my marriage to football and it is similar to passing of mine field.in meanwhile they claim all of my assertions is futile and false and i am visionary and liar.i expect you show satanists at least. in the name of my mother i end my words temporary.thank you kaveh yousefzadeh pardon me.considering my crucial situation i have two plan in present : 1-to immigrate a foreign country as soon as possible 2-to clear my marriage with my fiancee or other girl that to be my selected.i love adolescent,nymphet,kind,teen(14 years old),open minded,lovely,sensual,voluptuous,la scivious,vivacious,musician,singer, p rogressive,cute,sexy,nice,...girls. although i recieved my ok about my marriage seven years ago,but the satanists dont allow my marriage to form.they always claim my marriage merely clear after my brother be sacrificed(2).i have been eye witness my parent excruciation and martyrdom for years.the satanists assert that they are god order performers!they say my parent and us have been exposed god ordeal and test.this is their filthy idea about mankind!this is iran.this is their civilization.damn them forever.they accuse me as liar ,visionary. they say my parent, relatives have natural death. they claim no one sicken and blind my father and he was sicken normally and natural, and no one,... they claim that the origin of calamities and misfortune about us return to last Iranian regime(I mean pahlavi dynasty).it is interesting that most of them for us have performed in recent regime! .they have annoyed us from last years. .from my childhood I have confronted their schemes about us.they perform their satanic plots professionally. for example they can pollute water closet water or plumbing networks. they use a lot of filthy plots in order to kill their victims.i want you show facts and dont permit my parent bloods, be trample.i hope you unite me in order to smash Satanists in anywhere and in any form and mask.we must not allow that they continue to perform their satanic intentions about mankind. In the present situation I must wait for my situation to clear. But I want to speed up my situation.one option is immigration to overseas and it is my favourite a lot.other option is my marriage with my fiance or other girls that to be my selected.again I expect you show facts clearer at least. In the name of my mother I finish my statements. Thank you. Yours kaveh yousefzadeh i love foreign languages a lot and i interest to work with foreign language merely.i love foreigners a lot. i love new phenomenas and cultures.i have a lovely,kind,vivacious,progressive,w omanizer,pleasure seeker personality.i am hedonist.i love to learn and practice piano,guitar,...and some of sport courses such as swiming,gymnastic,riding(horse),... too forever.i love romance films,opera,...a lot.i love to trip overseas for ever. i love to learn foreign languages for ever. in present situation i intend to learn english and russian language simultaneously.i am internationalist.i love to read articles about anthropology,especially about primitive societies.i like to can have be a lot of lady love from around of world in future.i abhore reactionaries,inhuman,middle ages ideologies a lot. i love to work as interpreter or similiar jobs with it(i mean i like to work in foreign space that in which merely be used foreign language not other thing. i look for a girl with following conditions: belle,kind,vivacious,pretty,voluptuous,sensual, little,adolescent(particularly 14 years old),progressive,liberal,lovely ,flexible,... i love to be acquaint with new and virgin cultures from overseas. i love singers,dancers,artists ,musicians, athletes women. i hate racism obscurantism ideologies a lot.i am true liberal.i want to find a girl with above mention scale sooner.it is very important for me. thank you! yours ever kaveh! hello! this is kaveh yousefzadeh. i want to marry soonest. if you incline to have be relationship with me, please send answer to my request.i am very amiable,kind, progressive,open minded person. please say about you more.do you intend to marry?what is your favourite criteria for your future partner?i wait for your answer as soon as possible. thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh! Hello I want to marry with girls with following conditions: Lass,little,teen,cute, open minded,vivacious, flexible,nymphet ,sentimental,kind,pleasant,exciting love,lascivious,pretty. I am 38.i have master of science in economy.i abhore dark ages ideology a lot. I am progressive,kind,pleasant.i am learning two foreign language simultaneously(English and Russian).if you find the above mentioned girls,please send their resume and pictures,.. to my email.again I say that I love nymphet girls and 14 years girls a lot. I wait for your answer soonest. Thank you Kaveh yousefzadeh excuse me. i expect you introduce my parent killers and show who have imposed calamities to us from last years.in the past i hinted to some of them. all of them is true.unfortunately a lot of persons have intended to instill others mind that my claims are false.spit to them.they have sham quarrel one another.because they want to continue their crimes skilfully. in fact they embody evil.they have prolonged my marriage for years(at least 7 years).they tortured my parent for years and martyred them finally.they intend to divert my marriage ,... to football game.it is similiar to pass of mine field.they are very filthy,cruel,backward,reactionary,...they have despised my personality impudentely.they have banned us.my situation is defacto. i request you show my parent killers,...i think that the performers of clamities are much worse than designers.so i hope you show the performers.i want you introduce big boss.who make order to satanists?in the name of my martyr mother i end my talks and i wait for your informative role. Thank you kaveh yousefzadeh pardon me. i want to prove that iran is a satan-stroken country.you can discover satan anywhere and in anyone. you can find evil forces in form of any persons.some of satanists are following:clergies,police,minesters,traders,staff of offices,doctores,universities professores,repairers,radio and tv announceres,information ministry staffs,cooks,grocers,barbers,bakers,fruiterers,students,childs,olds,drivers,....as a matter of fact a lot of persons extols devil forces as their god.their god is shit.iranian god have been satan from last years.they have praised demon forces from long years ago.their god is racist.i expect your media show demon forces clearer. satanists have done a lot of crimes and murder from last years.damn them forever.you can not discover their crimes easily.because they have misused from their illegal poweres and they misuse scientific achivements in order to performance their sinisters plots. i hint some of their filthy plots: 1-killing their victimes by artificial car accident,...2-sicken others to incurable diseases.3-selling pathogenic matters to others.4-to taint water and electricity instruments networks to fatal matters.for example they can kill others by their coolers and refrigerators and tv,...nobody notice them and all think the victimes have a normal and natural death.the satanists use a lot of other plots as well. the satanists claim that they want to embody their god power on the earth.their ideologies are very filthy,disgusting,cruelly,...the satanists dont restrict to a certain sect.even they are one another enemies.they belong to religious and irreligious sects.you can find them anywhere unfortunately.the number of them have increased considerably.the satanists can madden one healthy person even.i expect you read my autobiography with more scrutiny.the satanists can ban one and impose calamities to him or her skilfully.again i notify that iran is a satan-stroken country from ancient times. but demon forces have increased in recent years considerably.iran have been a lawless country from last years.jungle law have been dominated in iran from ancient times.i hope you disclose diabolists in your media. because they want to diabolize in future too. and the satanists intend to continue their filthy crimes forever.the satanists are impostor,liar,cruel,reactionary,backward, racist,facist,...a lot of them want to revive dark ages ideology(medieval ages)again.they tortured and martyred my parent,...and then they deny their filthy crimes.and they claim that they had natural disease and death.they accuse me as a liar and visionary person.our conditions are defacto.why world society have not reacted against them so far?the satanists have prolonged my marriage for seven years at least. the satanists say me that they want to test us!spit to them.the Satanists intend to enforce their disgusting ideology forcefully.the satanists have sham quarrel one another even.i expect your media publish my autobiography and you show satanists real faces in your media soonest.i expect you cooperate me in order to neutralization satanists filthy plots in future and you introduce all of them.i love to quit iran a lot.do you help me in order to my immigration?i abhor to live in iran.in the name of my mother i end my talks temporary. thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh! Excuse me As I said ago, I have a crucial situation now. Because the Satanists madden my brother on the one hand and they have deprived me from initial rights on the other hand.my brother(mr saadollah or masoud yousefzadeh)annoyed his family a lot for long years.he was not crazy.his fainting was merely his low sexual standard and other imposed factores to him through the Satanists.i anticipate he die two years later at most . because he has other diseases too. As a matter of fact the Satanists sicken him to other diseases as well.he is crazy now.his nerve is very weak.the Satanists intend to continue their filthy plots about us . but I want to smash and disclose them .the number of them have increased a lot.most of them imagine that want to perform god instructions.but they are mistaken hardly.because they extol demon forces as their god.they want to show that their victims have natural deathes.so they misuse scientific instruments in order to performance their crimes and murders.some of ignorant people claim my brother , have involved to divine tortures. In fact they want to justify the mention organized crimes . so I want to prove that iran have degraded morally a lot.i hope you show facts more.in meanwhile I notify iran have demon forces from last years. But no one have disclosed them so far.i expect you believe me and you witness our critical conditions. Some of ignorant people assert that we were historical. Again I say that I prefer to live in foreign country .the Satanists want to debase my personality more.they are very skillful and you can see them anywhere. The Satanists claim that I am visionary and liar. My situation is defacto.the Satanists dont permit that my situation clarified.they obstruct regulary.they want to impose their disgusting tastes me in all of fields including my marriage. When I want to resist against them they are asserting that I have an indomitable personality. In fact they want that I justify their filthy crimes and murders. Because they have performed god orders.but their god is evil not other thing.in the name of my mother I end my words temporarily. Thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh heloo! this is kaveh yousefzadeh. i would like to live and study in your country.considering my crucial situation and my bitter autobiography and a lot of other reasons ,i expect you cooperate me in order to immigrations to your countries.i hope you contact me soonest.i have written my address in following.your success is my wish.i wait for your answer as soon as possible. thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh sepidar complex second floor kaveh yousefzadeh imam khomeini square sepidar street vavan town islamshahr city iran postal code:3317843154 tel number:0098 228 3170996 Hello This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I have Master of Science in economy. I would like to work in foreign firms. I like to experience traineeship course in your company as well . If you need me, please contact me as soon as possible. Thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh hello ! this is kaveh yousefzadeh. i have ma in economy. i would like to employ in your newspaper as translater. i mean that i want to translate english contexts to persian.as well i like to have be training course for translators. if you need my favourite job ,please send your reply to my email.i wait for your answer. in present situation ,i can translate your english contexts to by internet.thank you . best regard kaveh yousefzadeh ی ی ی ј ی ی.یی ی ی ی ی :ی ی ȍ ی ݘ .ی ی ݘ ی ی ی ی .ی ی ... .ی ی ی ی .ی ی ی ( ی ). ی ی یی ی .... ی Ԙی ی . ی Ґی ی ی ݘ ی ی . ǐ یی ݘ ی ѐ ی ی ϐی ی ی ی ϐی . ی ѐی ی ی ی ی ی یی Ґی . ی ی ј Әی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی Ϙ ی یی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی. ی ی ѐی ی ی ی .یی ݘ . ی ی . ݘی ی ݘی ی .یی ی یی ی . И ی ی ی ѐی . ی یی ǘ . ی ییی ی ی ی ی ی . ی Ȑی ی یی ی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی یی ی ی یی ی ی ی () ی ی ی ѐ ی ی. ی یی ی ی ǘ ی ی . И ی یی ی ύ ی Ԙ یی ی ی ی.э ی ی ی Ԙ ی ی ی ی ی ی . ی ی ی ی ی ی. . ی ی یی ی ی ییی . ی یی ی ی. یی ی ѐی ی ی ی . ی ی . ǐ ی ی ژ ی یی ی ی.( ژ ) ی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی . ی یی . ی ی. ی ی . ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ј . ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی .. ی ی ی ی ی ی ی . Ԙ ی Pardon me! As I said before,my situation has defacto situation.it seems my brother(I mean saadollah(masoud)yousefzadeh) be sacrifice as a result of heart attack or heart halt soonest or he die due to internal diseases soonest. As a matter of fact the Satanists sicken and madden him by fatal matters injection .i forecast he dies 2 years latter at most.in meanwhile the Satanists madden him as well .he is intolerable now.damn the Satanists everlasting. they killed and martyred my mother previousely.my mother was martyred by heart halt. the Satanists tortured her for long years and kill her by ampul injection finaly.they blinded my father and killed him after his torment for years. The cursed Satanists deny their crimes.they are very disgusting! some of them suppose that they are representative of god. what futile vision! in fact their god is demon. they want to justify their filthy dark ages ideology. I expect you introduce them at least. also the Satanists accuse me flagrantly as liar and visionary. but they can not hide their shocking crimes anymore. the Satanists intend to torment me on pretext to test me. spit to them.the Satanists want to obstruct my work.they want to continue their sinister plots again. they want to debase my personality.i dont allow that they continue their work.i want to disclose them forever. the Satanists god is racist, obscurantist,cruel,fiend.their middle ages ideology is doomed to certain defeat. the diabolists intend to annoy me more.they want that I justify their disgusting deeds.they expect that I be their obedient.never!also I prefer to quit iran as soon as possible a lot. Iran have been a satan-stroken country from ancient times. there are a lot of Satanists in iran ,their work is calamity and misery imposition to others skillfully. no one can discover their crime at all.the Satanists misuse scientificall instruments. in the name of my mother I end my informative report at present Thankfully kaveh yousefzadeh

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